Level 2 Quotes

The Importance Of Using Real Time Data In Our Trade As A Trader

How Do You Scan Stock Market Real Time?

Is it a tough job to Scan Stock Market Real Time?

Answer is…… NO!

As long as you know what to do and where to find it.

I was speaking to a group of Traders during a seminar on Options Trading last week here in Kuala Lumpur. The audience comprise of novice and some experience Traders. Some of whom have more than 10 over years of experience in trading and investing in stocks. A couple of them had been trading options too.

I had a surprise question at the end of the seminar. One of the seasoned Trader, Patrick asked me How Do I Scan Stock Market Real Time? I was taken aback by his question. I thought to myself for a second before I responded, “Er…. Have you heard of Real Time data from Nasdaq?”

“You mean you can buy stock data?”, Patrick responded. “Oh yes you can subscribe it from Nasdaq”, I replied. “The Nasdaq provide the stock data at less than 15 Dollars a month. It is called the Level II Quotes”. The rest of the crowd responded in surprise. …. “Level II Quotes ?”

It was unbelievable! I mean I am not the only one who found the Level 2 Quotes 2 years back and I know I am not alone. This could be one of the most important data available to any serious Trader out there. It is the window to a comprehensive supply and demand data in real time. How can you tell where the stock price is heading if you don’t know how much of the stock is in demand and in supply?

My personal experience has convinced me the effectiveness of this tool in my trading decisions. I would not commit any trade without first seeking the confirmation from this Level 2 Quotes.

I have written an indepth article on How Level 2 Quotes Work. In that article, I explained the technicality on how datas are used to make a trading decision.


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